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Product Image Custom Blue, White & Green Flowered Bikini by Trashy Lingerie

Custom Blue, White & Green Flowered Bikini by Trashy Lingerie

$ 699.00

Own something rare: a piece of memorabilia directly from one of my exclusive photo shoots and a scene in one of my films. While doing some early spring cleaning, I began to realize that I have so many awesome items from my movies, photoshoots, and music videos... items I bet my amazing fans would love to buy and collect. This is the first time I've ever offered such collectible/unique items for sale and I will be selling a limited amount of these one-of-a-kind items that I have worn throughout my career.

Textured blue, green and white flower bikini (size small) from one of my films (still researching which one... I believe it was for Kevin Moore?) and an exclusive photoshoot for my fans from when I won the FAME Award for Fan Favorite Best Butt. This sexy two-piece set is custom made by Trashy Lingerie and slightly worn in all the right places (-;  Item comes with a picture of me wearing the bikini*; both the bikini and photo can be signed after purchase at the buyer’s request.

***This item does not come with a DVD.***