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Jenna Haze Merchandise

Product Image Red & Nude Sheer Stockings from Live-Stream Appearance

Red & Nude Sheer Stockings from Live-Stream Appearance

$ 1,000.00

Own something rare: a piece of memorabilia directly from my days feature dancing and one of my films. While doing some spring cleaning, I began to realize that I have so many awesome items from my movies, photoshoots, and music videos... items I bet my amazing fans would love to buy and collect. This is the first time I've ever offered such collectible/unique items for sale and I will be selling a limited amount of these one-of-a-kind items that I have worn throughout my career.

This listing if for the exact pair of sexy red & nude sheer stockings (with a back seam and a cuban heel) that I wore during one of my rare live-streams. Buyer receives stockings along with two photographs of me wearing them (most likely printed out screenshots from the live-stream.) Buyer can request to have photos personally signed to them and autographed after purchase. 

** This listing is for memorabilia purposes only.***

* All orders take between 3-4 weeks to process and ship on average. Thank you for your support. We are small operation and appreciate your business.*